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 Why US Jobs are Always Available 
One Reason Jobs Are Always Available in the USA: 

Statistics Report:
from the US Governments Department of Labor

There's a Constant 'Churn'

The first fact of the job market is that workers are eternally restless. Or, stated differently, we're all holding a job that's at least one or two levels below where we really ought to be. As a result, we are always looking over the fence for our next opportunity.

For proof, look at our national job churn rate.

A close look at Labor Bureau statistics reveals that, at any point in time, 30-35% of the US workforce is spending some time looking for new employment. In any given year, 20-25% of all US workers change jobs. And, the younger a worker is, the more likely they are to change jobs twice or more in the same year.
And, this rate of churn occurs regardless of economic cycles
if you are currently employed and your looking for a new job - you fall into this exact category
Everybody's Active
A couple of studies on worker commitment underline just how restless workers are. One, by HR consulting firm AON, showed that over 25% of employed workers would change jobs for a salary increase of 10% or less. And, if that increase is raised to 20%, over half of us would leave our jobs. When money talks, workers walk.

A very enlightening but overlooked study by ComputerWorld found that only about 15% of all IT workers have no desire to change jobs. The remaining 85% are ready to jump: they are either currently looking to change jobs, always looking to change jobs, or willing to talk if an opportunity presents itself.

From this, it's clear that nearly everyone is active, only at different levels of activity.

In every type of economic situation - jobs are available:

People leave / change jobs
People get fired
People retire

People relocate

There's always new companies starting up

Companies merge or relocate
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