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 How To Access The Hidden H1B Jobs Market To Obtain H1B Sponsorship Work in USA 
How To Find and Take Advantage of the Hidden H1B Jobs and Visa Sponsorship Employment Market in the USA

We've all heard that most US and H1B Jobs (75% to 85%, reportedly) are not advertised or posted on general Web job boards. These invisible H1B Jobs are the infamous "hidden H1B job market," and you can find this extensive pool of H1B Jobs by networking, referrals and connections.

Networking is not a "quick fix" and it requires dedicated time and effort. Building and establishing a great network takes work, but, it will make your H1B job and visa sponsorship search faster overall, much more effective, and achieve 75-85% more successful results for you.

Strategies and Techniques for Tapping into the Hidden H1B Job Market:

Proactively reach out to potential employers, your direct and in-direct family, your colleagues, associates, groups and associations. There are many ways to do this and the following guide outlines some of the most proven and effective options available 

The Business Media

The Media and Press can be extremely valuable sources of information. Look for companies that are entering into new markets, announcing new products and services, or announcing relocation or expansion plans. They may need more people now or in the near future, even if they haven't openly announced or advertised their expanding needs and employment opportunities yet.

Most business publications research and collect information on businesses in their area which are frequently published in "lists". Every year Fortune magazine does a list of the largest employers in the U.S. - the "Fortune 500. Think of those lists as potential employers for you to target and start networking with. 

Social Network Sites and Groups 

These sites / groups can be very useful in connecting you with potential employers and co-workers, and they can also help you stay up to date with what is happening in an industry or profession.

1. Social networking Sites have become a very popular way to connect and communicate with people you know, and also to meet new people (such as a potential employer).

These social sites work by offering people the ability to create and manage a public 'personal profile' informing others who they are, what they do, and the easy ability to communicate with friends and colleagues in their personal and business life.

* Recruiters do use these sites to find qualified people for their open H1B Jobs, so be very careful what you say, do and how you act on your social page - the image you portray via your social page is the image of you that a recruiter or potential employer will see and use to make the decision of whether to interview you (or not)

2. Relevant industry associations can also prove a valuable resource when you're searching for a new H1B job. These associations provide a structure and resources which can help you in various ways, including obtaining authorization from them to add the association's name to your resume.

3.  Alumni Associations - if you're graduating from a US university or college, your  alumni group is a good resource to find out how and where other International students have managed to obtain H1B Sponsorship work. You can also contact your career center to access and utilize their existing network of resources, and for professional advice and guidance to help with your H1B job and Sponsorship employment search. 

4. Job Search Support Associations and Groups - at any given time there are always many people looking for new jobs. Members of these groups often work together and closely communicate to help each other. As a collaborative group, members have had varying work experiences and jobs, and can be useful to help you find the 'right' contacts within potential employer companies.

As a "support group": always be enthusiastic about also trying to help others in the group, and the members are more likely to return the favor and help you back.

Whatever you do, and whatever method you use - Always be very careful of your privacy on the internet (including joining any type of group or association). Once your personal details are on the internet, it's often public and 'anyone' can see it (including your current employer)

As a rule of thumb: the more you help others - the more you will gain in return.


Attract H1B Employers to You

The internet has boomed and continues to grow and evolve. Our lives have now become more dependent on the internet, and You can use its power to your own personal advantage, in many different ways.

1. Personal 'Branding'. With all the tools and resources out there it's now become much easier to become more 'visible' in the online world. The more visible you are, the more chance you have of a potential H1B sponsoring company or recruiter finding you and contacting you. However, make sure that when they do find your profile and 'see you' on the internet, that you portray a highly polished and professional image - that is your personal 'brand'.  

If you are a member of any social sites or online based associations or groups, that is the start of your personal branding campaign. The key to developing your personal brand is to manage it and start promoting and marketing yourself.

2. Use Professional Social Network Sites. In addition to the many 'personal' biased social sites, there are also many professional and employment related networking sites. One of the main ones is LinkedIn where you can create and start developing a professional networking group with other professionals and industry sector groups.

Again, always be careful what personal details you post on any online site. Once something is online, it's public and can be very hard to remove.

3. Resume Web Page or Personal Blog - it's easy to do by simply buying a domain name and then using the site to list and promote your resume and professional / academic experiences and achievements. Always keep it up to date and available on the Web all the time. Your web page or blog will get picked up by search engines and start showing in search results for any key words you use in your marketing efforts. Try to use keywords and search engine optimization techniques that relate most accurately to your work experience, and that H1B employers and recruiters might typically search for.

In this current H1B jobs market, many H1B sponsors and employers and recruiters are flooded with resumes for every H1B job opening that is posted online. This makes the employers job much more difficult and time consuming. Therefore, in this current 'employers market' they have the control and the power to choose different recruitment methods that are more time-efficient and effective for them, rather than posting jobs online. This is why the hidden market, networking, personal branding sites, and taking advantage of established business relationship are proving to be so successful for H1B job seekers.

Be careful about what you put on your personal Website. It will be public, searchable, and viewable to potential employers, and, to any and everyone else.

4. Submit Online Articles

There are many sites available where you can join and post articles about various topics. By doing so, you have a platform to 'show-off' your knowledge and expertise in a particular subject (including relevant articles about specific work skills and/or educational topics). Articles will be picked up by search engines which creates another added-opportunity to build and promote your 'personal brand' and expertise online (where potential sponsor companies often look for new H1B workers).

Focus on writing an article about a topic that clearly highlights and demonstrates your knowledge, expertise or skills, and, that presents you in a favorable way and a valuable asset to a potential H1B employer or recruiter.

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