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H1 Base Reviews and Comments Posted            Post a Review about H1 Base and add it to this page  - Click Here

I'm a new client of H1Base and I can't provide a full review just yet (it's only been 6 days), but I can share my situation so far: When I joined I was contacted by a sponsorship coach who evaluated my situation and spent an hour advising me and answering questions I had. Then I started to work with a resume writer who made a lot of great improvements. Then my coach explained they were matching my profile with registered sponsors that apply for H1B's for my skills, and applying to over 650 companies for me and directly to the hiring managers. I am really impressed so far. I feel very confident in working with H1 Base and the experience they have
Posted by Ruiz Corolo on 09/10/2010 

That sounds great Ruiz, which service did you get because i see they have 3 different ones and I'm a bit confused which of the premium ones to join
Posted by Amelia on 09/11/2010 
Hi Amelia and thank you. I availed the middle level service called Announce Premium. I had already spent a couple months trying myself on numerous other sites so decided to get some expert help from H1base.
Posted by Ruiz Corolo on 09/14/2010 
a few weeks ago I posted on here letting you know I had just become a member of H1Base and posted my first impressions of them above. I now have even better news to share. I tried writing my full experience but this message system only allows about 750 characters - so to sum it up very quickly, it worked and they just got me a new job. I definately recommend them
Posted by Ruiz Corolo on 10/04/2010 
totally different to the other 2 sites. H1base one does it all for you and you dont have to do anything myslef apart from do interviews they get me
Posted by kumar on 10/06/2010 
hi, Ruiz! can I ask you what is your field of expertize? what kind of job did they find for you?
Posted by AnaG on 10/20/2010 
Hi Ana, how are you? I worked as an accountant for a large Manufacturing company in my Country for 3 years and before that as an intern for a family owned store chain after completing my degree. H1Base got me a good job with a Fortune 500 company based in New York where I dreamed of living for many years now. At the moment my visa is in processing and myself and my family can't wait to leave my Country which does not show a good future, and get on a flight to America so we can live happy. I wish you also have great success Ana
Posted by Ruiz on 10/20/2010 
Here's my experience with I'm on an F1 OPT visa and graduated this year. My career center advisor at College told me about h1base as they deal with them buy some kind of services from them every year. The service the college buys is quite basic and my advisor recommended to get one of their better services where h1base applyies to their sponsoring companies for me. I wanted to do it properly so got the top service because if I didnt get an H1B I would have to leave the US and go back to England. I have to say that it's only been a week using them and so far I am really impressed at their professionalism and the amount of work they do for you
Posted by Simon Teesdale on 11/30/2010 is much higher service above any other H1b job company out there. Before them I tried alone using almost all the other free (or cheap) services and spent over 8 months trying. I joined the h1base organization company and they worked on my behalf and got me visa sponsorship with their sponsors in 7 weeks. What else can say, they are responsible for getting me to the US in this market. I never imagined it possible and I thank them for it from my heart
Posted by Raju on 12/13/2010
my experience with h1base was good. I availed their service 1 years ago and they got me a visa. I just availed again and they got me another job so i can transfer to a new employer and this one will also sponsor my green card
Posted by Gurdeep on 12/28/2010
these chaps did their job well and got me out of cold and miserable Manchester and over to warm and sunny Los Angeles (Am I happy!!)
Posted by Kathy Mathews on 12/28/2010
my experience of h1base was superb. I had to get a change of status to h1 visa to stay in the US and used both h1base and another company to help me. The other company charged me $1,500 and h1base only charged me $200. The service from h1base was 10 times better than the other company and they got me a confirmed sponsorship offer before the other company got me an interview. For the quality of service h1base provides and the results they get they could charge a lot more but thankfully they don't. I completely recommend them and I will definitely use them again if I need another h1b job
Posted by Pavlo on 01/09/2011 
H1 base guys got me a job that qualified for an h1b visa with a sponsor company in 1 month. Love them or hate them from review sites (who really know nothing apart from "opinions"), you can get an H1B visa job from h1base - I did. Everyone wants to pretend they know so much but only a few really know for sure and they are the company that helped me to do it. If I ever have to try and do it all again I would definately recommend h1base 100%
Posted by John on 02/16/2011
was great h1base review and experience. did geat work for me and got me H1b visa
Posted by DoonYi on 02/16/2011
love h1b company for gettin me to usa
Posted by KUmar on 02/16/2011
My H1Base review is that they do provide good reliable service considering all the different types of people they help from around the globe, and yes they do help a lot of people in all types of jobs and at lots of different levels. The choice is if you want to try and do everything yourself from abroad or if you want a company like h1base who is in the usa and has the experience to do everything for you. Yes, they can do all the hard work for you but like any company they charge a fee for providing a service. In this case if you really want a new life in the US I would consider it a good 'investment'
Posted by CJ on 02/16/2011
Hi everyone on here. I am a current member of H1base and I had a brilliant experience with them too and HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I'm a Bachelor science grad in England and I was worried about my chances because I don't have any work experience, but they did everything and worked overtime to get me a entry level job in Atlanta so I could be with my boyfriend. Cheers to them all who helped me start a new future
Posted by Kimberly on 02/17/2011
I was spending about 4 to 5 hours a day searching job sites and applying to jobs. I did this every day for over 5 months which totals about 1,000 hours of my time. At the end of all my hard and very boring applications, I had 6 interviews with companies who all said the same thing "you need a work visa before we can employ you and we don't file visas". I gave it my all and worked as hard as I could but at the end I still had no job and no visa for america. I contacted h1base and they were very honest with me and said they could not guarantee anything but would do what they could to help me. It was a decision but my gut feeling said to try them. It took 8 weeks but they did it and now I can stay in america
Posted by Hetal on 02/17/2011
if you want a turnkey solution and fast turnaround I definately recommend their premium level services. I'm overseas and they took my CV and formatted it to US standards and made a lot of great changes to improve it. I told them all my job preferences and what locations I wanted to work in and they matched me with sponsor companies for employment. The marketed me professionally and applied to over 600 companies for me (saved me loads of time doing all the research and applications). They best part is they work directly with thousands of sponsor companies all over the USA who know h1base and recruit international workers from them. I got quite a lot of interviews and picked a really good company in San Diego who is filing for my work visa
Posted by Galina Wassell on 02/18/2011
With the help of H1base professional representation I was able to find an h1b visa sponsor in Denver Colorado. I'm happy to say that the company in question is going ahead and sponsor my application
Posted by Noel H on 03/09/2011
I'm very much impressed by h1 base's service and professionalism. today is first day as a premium member and it feels like my career and chance has already accelerated! Regards, Kanwar
Posted by Kanwar on 03/14/2011
I only joined h1base 16 days ago and they just got me invited to an interview next week with a Bank in Texas, and another for a Bank in New York. when you get past there general support and get hooked up with a personal advisor that works with you they really start making things happen quikly. So far my experience with the company and the people there has been excellent and way better than I thought it would be
Posted by Cris on 04/14/2011
Cris can u tell me what service u used. I'm confused by the 2 premium ones and want to register b4 their special offer ends. I only have 2 months left before my OPt expires so need fast help like you got. J R
Posted by Jaya Ram on 04/14/2011
JR the one I joined was their premium service called anounce which was about 195 Us dollars. I wasn't in a big hurry and I'm not sure what your OPt is but if you need the fastest one then i think the top level service will be faster.
Posted by Cris on 04/14/2011
Posted by Jaya on 04/14/2011
the h1b site is very good for the people/job seekers living deferent part of the universe.It is really helpful. Thanks a lot!
Posted by raj kukrati on 04/15/2011
I got to know about H1base from the serach engine Google. When I open the h1base site and just click on the H1 visa and all the details about it. After getting all deatils I thought that its the right track to start my career and I registered. They contacted me after registration and explained all the service and procedure. I entered my profile section in my account and put my CV in account. I'm now at the stage of where they take my cv and improve it to a US resume and the they do work to find me sponsorship job and apply for me. The help and the work how they support and do that really encourages to get the good oppurtunity in this time. Is very impressive and I am very happy
Posted by from India on 04/15/2011
its the first time i have found a website with all the information i was looking for where everything is completely clear on visas. It is easy to navigate and very appropiate to help get work visa H1B. this site has good info too but has more and clearer details on professional level help
Posted by M Gondkar on 04/27/2011
In my opinion and experience it's a 'no-brainer'. 2 - 300 bucks for all the services they provide and everything they do, it's cheaper than buying a new iPhone. I do admit I have an iPhone and it's great but doesn't compare to when the staff at h1 base helped me get to the US. I believe in the old philosophy that: if you really want something out of life then you have to do whatever it takes to get it, and if you sit back and do nothing you'll get nothing. I hope everyone succeeds this year because I can say first hand that the feelings you experience when you hear you've got a visa to live in the US is one of the best moments in my life (except for my wedding day, I had to throw that in just incase my darling wife reads this :)
Posted by Peter Jarvis on 04/28/2011
I fully endorse H1 Base for the way the exceeded my expectations to accomplish such a great task in a reliable and timely way. They have knowledgable and courteous staff that showed dedication and passion to genuinely assist, that surpassed the experience level of others I have spoken to and dealt with previously in the same industry.
Posted by Dr. A Zolta on 04/30/2011
I think its a good site to help get h1 visa jobs for people like me who are in other countries
Posted by TG on 05/02/2011
H1base got me interviews with 4 H1B employers companies within 2 weeks of joining them. I got 3 H1B job offers in california where I want to live, and my h1b advisor is helping me evaluate which is the best offer for my career future. I had been doing all the searching by myself for about 5 months previous to joining hbase and all companies I contacted wouldn't hire me because they said I needed work visa status. H1Base got me job offers with companies that had no problem wanting to sponsor me and getting my visa. When I first joined I wasn't sure it was posssible, but everyone at h1base was great and I can't thank them enough for their help. I have already recommended to my sister and she joined and they are helping her now
Posted by Shedney on 05/23/2011
I have just been researching different testimonials on H1 Base. It would appear there are mixed reviews but the most positive ones seem to be the most recent ones so I think, nothing ventured, nothing gained and in the grand scheme of things, it's not a fortune to lose if nothing comes of it. Wish me luck! It's my life dream to be living in America.
Posted by Jenna on 06/03/2011
Hi Jenna, I found when you look closely lot of the bad reviews all originally stem from someone called CJ who runs a cheap wordpress blog site about e3 visas. I think he gets some weird satisfaction from trashing companies because at first he says... he got support from h1base and then says he didn't, says they're a scam and then says they're legitimate, argues aggressively with anyone who posts a good comment on his site, and biggest thing is he admits he's Never used h1base services - so why and what gives him the right to say anything!! I used H1base and I know they or anyone can't provide miracles for every person but overall I was really pleased with them and I'm sure you will be too. I wish you the best of luck getting to America
Posted by Rajesh Joshi on 06/03/2011
Thanks Rajesh, I just figured it was worth a shot after reviewing the information. I do hope so! Where are you working? Thanks again for the information.
Posted by Jenna on 06/03/2011
Thanks Rajesh, well I have just joined so we will see what happens now. A lot of the negative posts seem to be dated from 2007 whereas the positive ones are more recent. You never know if you don't try right?
Posted by Jenna on 06/03/2011
To add to this, I have literally just received a call from them welcoming me and explaining more details so I'm already VERY impressed!
Posted by Jenna on 06/03/2011
Hi Jenna, sounds like you took the jump and did it, congratulations. I think the same way that if you don't try, you never know and you never get. I'm working near Miami now and really enjoying the life here and the people. so Im happy your impressed like I was and I'm sure with their help and a positive mind you will be in good hands. I hope everything works out as you dream it. Raj
Posted by Rajesh Joshi on 06/03/2011
I didn't have enough money for the Premiums so I got the basic package. Has about 10 or 12 diffeernt services all included in it but only joined and havent used them all yet. Has something i've never seen before for a cool thing you download to your pc and tell it what jobs and places you want, and it keeps automatically searching so you don't have to keep going to any job boards. it keeps on finding and getting all new jobs for you by itself. Also has another bigger job system, a top database and other database which has contacts of thousands and thousands of companies that file h1 visas. Thers a salary calculator, interview practice system, resume building and posting system and lots more. Good value for everything you get
Posted by Noelle on 06/03/2011
Can someone help me in understanding the logic here? I am currently working in India but looking for a sponsor for H1b visa to work in USA. Is this possible with h1base? how will they arrange interviews and give out offers? confused!!! I am planning to avail a premium service but wanted to get some information from the members before i take the leap!!! Regards Kiran
Posted by Kiran on 06/07/2011
Hi Kiran, the employers h1base works with know their customers are needing h1b visa and are living in far away countries. interviews are rranged over telephone and lots of US companies now use online systems like video interviews, some of the bigger companies will also fly you out to meet them personally in USA. it is the H1B employer company in US that h1base finds for you who gives the jobs and visa offers
Posted by E Kyoung on 06/08/2011
I read a rediculous comment on the internet that said h1base was a scam. Whoever it was (who really knows!!) said they were scam because although h1base provided and performed the service as they advertised it on their site, they hadnt 'yet' got them a sponsorship job within this persons peronal time expectations. I don't see any mention of h1base guaranteeing within every customers own personal timeframe!!. Although I do see they advertise honestly to provide services for the complex and difficult task of getting a sponsorship job in the USA. If a company provides the services that they advertise then how can someone say they're a scam?? Anyway, thank god i didn't listen - I joined h1base and loving the benefits and advantages they provide
Posted by John on 06/09/2011
John, you may have noticed there's a lot of crazy bad and good comments about almost every company you search for on the internet. My wife Debbie searched on a restaurant we wanted to try out the other week and someone posted on some site saying it's a ripoff and moaning because the pastry on the steak pie wasn't flaky and crusty enough and was too expensive. We went anyway, the food was great and excellent value. Yep... some people will always complain and shout if they don't get exact perfection for what they want, when they want it :) In this case I'm kinda happy that a few people will be put off by crazy comments on h1base because it means i'll get more attention and a better chance of getting H1 visa sponsorship :)
Posted by Trevor (and Debbie) on 06/09/2011
Hahaha, I love that story! so funny / so true! Life is full of risks. My professor used to tell me: if you don't take a few risks you never get the chance for the big rewards, or, you'll keep looking back over your shoulder thinking "what could have been and where would I be now if only I did"
Posted by Anwuli .G. on 06/09/2011
Hi Raj and new posts! Last week I posted on here commenting on how amazed I was with the service provided by H1 Base so far. And it just gets better! I already have nothing but praise for H1 Base - my resume is currently being reviewed and from then I can get the ball rolling with the job search. I do not have a set time period for securing a role but I am confident that I will CERTAINLY get a position with the help of H1 Base. I will certainly keep posting on here to keep updating on my progress!
Posted by Jenna on 06/10/2011
I'm not a customer but I called H1Base and spoke to a representative of theirs for over an hour. I had lots of question about how to start the process and how to conduct my goal of trying to move to America and get a work visa. The representative answered every question I had in great detail and gave me lots of very useful information and advice. He spoke to me and I took over an hour of his time where he helped explain everything I wanted, and during the entire conversation he never once tried to sell me anything, he just politely answered all my questions and tried to help me. I have to say that I was very impressed
Posted by Al Neufield on 06/13/2011
H1 Base just got me fixed up with a job with a company that's agreed to give me sponsorhip and get me a visa. I was desperate to get it all done ASAP as my current visa status is going to expire, but it took them nearly 3 months from when I registered. I think I got a bit frustrated with them thinking it was never going to happen in time, but they managed to do it and everything has now worked out perfectly and I get to stay in the US
Posted by Arun on 06/22/2011
Congratulations Arun, can u tell me what service u used? I've been working hard searching all the normal job boards like Monster and Dice and a few others every day, and antime I get close to a job interview the employer says they can't hire me cause I need a work visa and sponsorship
Posted by Andreas on 06/23/2011
Andreas, I used the ProElite service. I was a bit upset with them because when I registered it was at the normal full price of nearly $600, and then about 2 weeks later I saw they had a 3 day special offer for $295 for the same service. I told them I was upset and they did a great thing by refunding me the difference and gave me $300 back. I also tried on all the job boards like Monster at first but it's impossible because everyone is using them and you never know which jobs are available for H1B and which companies posting jobs will sponsor and file for H1B's. Good luck
Posted by Arun on 06/24/2011
A friend referred me who already got a visa through H1 Base. I became a member last week and my experience so far is also very positive
Posted by Javed on 07/22/2011
I am currently in L1B and want to get shifted to H1B. I do not have much knowledge of any h1b sponsorship companies or contacts within the companies. It's been an easy experience with H1 Base. I would recommend it.
Posted by Sandip on 07/30/2011
I originally used H1 Base services 3 years ago to get my first H1B sponsorship position to emigrate to the US, and I then used them again this year to transfer my H1B visa to a new job / different employer. I've had great experiences both times and found them to be very professional with a genuine passion for helping. James.
Posted by James Baker on 08/22/2011
I 100% recommend them. I started in Bangalore, joined H1 Base, and now I'm living and working in New York. They made my dream come true
Posted by Archana on 08/30/2011
my name is Deepmoy and I see good service and they have thousands of companies that hire for jobs for H1B. I think the customer service advisers give advice and recomendations and the one who looks after me has over 20 yrs helping people get sponsors for H1B. I am very happy with them and positive with their service I will now be in America quickly
Posted by Deepmoy on 09/09/2011
I must admit I was VERY skeptical and concerned at 1st as there are so many scams on the internet so I spoke to my career Center Director at my University. He looked at h1 base and spoke to them for me. He found out that there's a lot of Universities that buy H1base services for their International students. That made me feel confident and eliminated my fears when I heard that Universities buy and use their services so they knew how to help me get an entry level job to change from F1 to to H1B visa status
Posted by Sophia on 09/28/2011
Sophia, can you please let me know where you find out which Universities buy their services ? I want to see if mine does so I can get them free. Thanks, Prasad
Posted by Prasad on 09/28/2011
after extensive searching, I couldn't find any other company that provides the same level of factual, statistical and quality information and resources that h1 base does. After becoming a member, I quickly realized that they are experts in their professional field.
Posted by Robert Metcalf on 10/03/2011
they have a big network of companies that sponsor for H1b work visa permits. I used the ProElite top service and got everything completed within 7 weeks. I wish I had used them when I first started looking as they make everything so much easier and do everything for you. From my experience, the help they provide is priceless and I thoroughly recommend them very highly
Posted by Ken on 10/17/2011
finding the H1B jobs is labour intensive (and boring work). h1base to do it all for me was a great blessing
Posted by Faiza on 10/18/2011
in my opinion, if you're the type of person that really wants something done properly - go for it!!
Posted by Jaish on 11/11/2011
I agree with Ken, they just make it so much easier, it's like having a team of experts helping and do everything for you the right way. when i first joined i didn't realize there was so many things i thought i was doing right but was doing wrong, and how many ways they do it differently and better. I think the biggest benefits were that they know all the biggest H1B sponsoring companies and work with them to place you in them for sponsorship jobs, and also because they've been helping people for so long they have a lot of extra knowledge and experience and have learned what works the best and quickest
Posted by Ravi on 12/18/2011
I love the people there they help you so much and just made by lifelong dream come true
Posted by Shiana on 12/29/2011
The political and economical situation in my homecountry is very bad. I would say that H1 Base really helps people,and I'm glad that i found them,because they help and make the lives of people in need of a chance better lives
Posted by danvol on 01/11/2012
I have been searching hard for a Project Manager position mainly in New York city, or Boston MA, by responding to many job openings posted on the internet. I am looking for a good job opportunity in USA - a job that I am interested in, and a one that I can put my heart into. Being a foreigner out side of USA, I have been under the impression that the job market in the US is much more limitted to us as sponsorship from a company is required to get a visa. I joined H1base last week and so far I am very impressed with their services and it makes such a big difference and relieved my stress by having personal contact with a dedicated advisor to help me with everything required
Posted by C. Chong on 01/11/2012
Hello, my name is Paul Jenkins and I must admit I don't normally take part in review sites and write comments. In this situation I felt it was warranted because after using H1 Base services to help me try and find a sponsorship position in the USA last year, I recieved what I consider to be one of the most professional and efficient services I've experienced. Not only did the service exceed my expectations, the support and advice that I recieved was invaluable in completing the entire US visa sponsorship process successfully.
Posted by Dr. P. Jenkins on 01/18/2012
It looks like there's some "anti-immigrant" people out there targeting companies like H1 Base that want to help Foreigners get jobs and work visas for the US. I've just seen a bunch of re-spun negative and bad comments all over the internet. Looks like someone has it in for H1 Base and are posting the the same bad comments over and over all around the internet. Looks like they took a few comments about h1Base from a few years ago, and re-posted them to make them look recent. Why do they target and victimize companies like H1Base for wanting to help people like me and other Foreigners work in the US
Posted by Erika on 01/20/2012
yep, it's Smells badly of anti-immigrant people in attack mode again against companies that help foreigners. I saw the same thing happen a couple of years ago against another company in the immigration field, I guess they attack the big ones that help the most
Posted by Bradley on 01/20/2012
Hi Erika, every country has anti-immigrant people and groups. They will say, try and do anything they can including posting propoganda and lies around the internet to try and put us off and to try and hurt companies that want to help us. I ignore them and don't listen to them, and keep focusing on the most important goal, getting to the USA
Posted by Rajiv on 01/20/2012
before i joined H1Base i tried using a few different resources and applied to quite a lot of jobs. The big problem I always came up against was almost every company wouldn't or stopped considering me because I needed work visa authorization. One of the benefits I found with H1 base is they only apply to companies that file for work visas authorization and consider International applicants. I would summarize it as they have a large network of companies that provide the opportunity to get a work visa because they've sponsored before and are prepared and know how to sponsor and get visas. So far I think their service and help is Excellent
Posted by Kate on 01/31/2012
I don't need their services until I graduate, but it's obvious any Company who's been in business for 11 years must be a real company or they would have been shut down years ago.
Posted by Kenny on 02/06/2012
I used just about every website and service available I could find on the internet as I was desperate to get to the US. The only one that provided real value and that helped me was H1 Base. They have recruitment contracts with companies to do their recruitment to hire H1B workers so it makes life much easier getting a job
Posted by Andreas on 02/07/2012
I like the way the company specialize in help for foreign nationals get jobs and visas for the chance to work in america
Posted by xia on 02/07/2012
I am a new member and I had a problem with completing my career and location prefernces section in my account. For some reason 1 of the drop down selectors wouldn't drop down for me. They fixed it for me in a few minutes and said it was something to do with a browser kopatability cause my pc has an old browser of internet 6. So if anyone has an old browser kopatibility problem the same as I did you can put a newer browser on and it works fine. bye
Posted by judith borne on 02/09/2012
This help me find the exact requirement of the Employer. My friends consult me to use H1 Base and I would say it is a great support to all aspirants.
Posted by Mandar on 02/16/2012
I decided that it's the right place to start and I registered myself. I filled in my profile as suggested in my account and drafted my Resume & Submitted for Expert Review. I'm now at the stage where they would take my Resume up to next level, that would increase my chances of getting H1B Sponsorship job. I am really really impressed with them & feeling more confident... I feel like my career is going to take a huge turn through the safe hands, H1 BASE - The Reliable Team & Who can Change your fortune. Few of my friends who are also interested, Guys, Do not wait anymore, Here is the right PLACE, Close your eyes & follow H1 BASE, YOU WILL REACH TO YOUR DREAM DESTINATION!!! LONG LIVE H1 BASE!!! Thanks a ton in advance!!
Posted by Ram Thukar on 02/16/2012
Hi I am new to this website. Even I want to get registered with H1 Base to get help in securing H1B Sponsorship, but before that just wanted to know will there be any H1B Sponsoring companies for Candidates with experience in Software Testing & Quality Assurance? What are the chances Please suggest! Thanks, Sandy
Posted by Sandeep Singh on 02/17/2012
Hi Sandeep, i am not sure too much about Software Testing and Quality Assurance, I work in the Finance / Accounting industry. What H1Base does is evaluate all your skills and where you want to work and then do a complete matching process and application process to US employers that sponsor and hire for your skills and experience level. You should contact the support advisors at and they will know what companies are doing sponsorhip for Software Testing and Assurance this year. Good Fortune to you Sandeep!
Posted by Mahira on 02/27/2012
Hi Guys. I'll be honest here. I was skeptic about H1base but after I have read about the great experiences you guys have had, I decided to give it a try myself and so I went ahead and registered for the top-end pro-elite service. Let's hope it works for me as it worked for you!! Thanks Dipin
Posted by Dipin Sharma on 03/01/2012
Hello Dipin and friends.... I just went for it too. I have to say I am very excited
Posted by James Cameron on 03/01/2012
I think it's definatly the best place to get an H1b visa sponsor. I've tried every site I can find and nothing compares or gets close to the level of everything H1 base does to help you. If you want the h1b visa to USA it is the place to go
Posted by Chirag on 03/06/2012
I would like to say my testimonial for H1Base: We love our personal information, experience and exposure. To place it in the correct manner with the correct audience is all through H1Base. We find a shadow companion during our job hunt duration which makes path easier plus more clarified. With H1Base i personally gain an inner level of satisfaction. Thank you H1Base. -- Regards Disha
Posted by Disha on 03/13/2012
I really like the way the H1 Base is handling like sending the mails acknowledgments back to mails after immediate action in the accounts. i like to see the interview schedules and calls i do get. Thanks a lot for creating the type of opportunities for the outside people to work in USA
Posted by santosh on 03/14/2012
I'm was a member of the ProELITE service and I can honestly say it's not just good - it's superb. They far surpassed my expectations and handled everything for me with a very high level of professionalism.
Posted by Jane Anduras on 03/16/2012
Myself a SAP Certified SD consultant with about 6 yrs of experience. I have subscribed to "PRO ELITE-PREMIUM PLUS" membership on 31.01.2012. My resume has been modified as per US standards (but had minor errors which I had to rectify .. :) ..). Twice my resume has been sent to a huge database of potential employers. But no luck yet!! Keeping my fingers crossed :)
Posted by SUMANTAMUKHERJEE on 04/08/2012
Hi Sumant how are you. I am also SAP (HR). Don't worry about anything the H1B visa season just opened a few days ago so any sendings to employers in last months before not likely to get anything as no visas available / no employers recruit for visas. NOW is the big time of chances!! Visas are now available / employers start recruiting for h1b visa workers. Over next few months = best chances and your chances will be very improved with H1 Base sending to their employers fast than you trying to find right sponsors and apply one by one. Best luck my friend
Posted by Ravi on 04/09/2012
I forgot to say - have you used their new Matching system. I think they just added it as a free bonus into ProElite members accounts last week on the right side of your login account, called something like Job Title to H1B Sponsor Company Match. You can put in SAP SD (or anything related to your job) and it instantly matches you with sponsor companies that recruit for your job and ranks them in best opportunity order, and gives you how many jobs they sponsor and salary they pay for the jobs. It's really easy and instant to find all the best sponsors for your job
Posted by Ravi on 04/09/2012
Ravi, cheers mate I'm using it now. I'm an MBA grad (no work exp) so for me i just searched the new H1 Base matching system for 'graduate' and 'entry' level jobs and it straight away matched me with all the H1B employers that recruit students for H1B visas. Really cool new system, so easy, I love it.
Posted by Jamie Taylor on 04/09/2012
Ravi, Thanks a lot !! Yes, I got 33 company names. But tell me, do I have to go to the company sites and post my resume individually? Or there are any other simple way?
Posted by SUMANTAMUKHERJEE on 04/10/2012
33 just for SAP SD - great Sumant!! There wasn't so many for SAP HR - you work on a better module :).. just to test I did a search just entering SAP by itself and got 790 companies. There's a lot of different job and sponsor systems in my account, and the new instant matching system was added in a few days ago and looks like still in Beta. I think because they added it free to accounts if we want to use it as an extra we apply to companies directly. I applied to 10 SAP HR companies through it and already 3 interviews. I think it does great matching to join the H1b sponsor companies for your job but I am still going to apply more as I want more interviews to be safer
Posted by Ravi on 04/11/2012
Hello guys, I am a EE engineer and would begin looking for full time jobs here in US after this semester!! I just wanted to know whether the services by H1 Base is legitimate? I happen to see a lot of things here about H1 Base that is a scam and stuff and when you are required to pay money for employment its something to be careful about?? Please guide me here!!
Posted by Abhijit D on 04/11/2012
i think it depends what type, or level of "employment" services you pay for, and how much extra valuable help you get. There's lot of basic job sites where you still have to do everything yourself and get no help with anything. Then opposite sites like h1base with higher level services that help do everything and provide lots of added value and give better advantages. I don't think spending money on basic job boards where you still have to do everything and only get the same low chance as everyone else,, but for higher level services that increase your chances, and they do the work for you in best ways, and help support you personally, then that is for sure extra valuable to get all the biggest advantages for visa sponsorship
Posted by Nelson on 04/12/2012
Hi, My name is Shafic. Am very satisfied with how am working with H1Base services. every stage i get to there is immediate progress
Posted by Shafic on 04/26/2012
Hey i am from india and i have completed my engineering in computer science and i got 2 years of work experience in india itself but right now i want to go for international exposure so please tell me what type of service i would choose to get h1b job in USA as early as possible ...
Posted by Santosh on 05/08/2012
happy, worked good
Posted by Zhang on 05/11/2012
i am thinking of registering. what service did you use Zhang ?
Posted by SANDHYA on 05/14/2012
I got in touch with H1 Base after exhausting all the basic resources available which just drove me to extreme frustration. I wanted to get a competitive edge and I'm happy to say that I just got my dream sponsorship job offer. My mentor gave me great advice on strategies, techniques and opportunities that I was not aware of. I wish I had found H1Base earlier. I highly recommend it for anyone trying to break into the U.S. job market in search of visa sponsorship opportunities
Posted by Michael on 05/21/2012
great value and best service by a hundred miles compared to others I used. None of the others worked, this one did great. I think their best secret is that they only apply to companies that sponsor Foreigners at the moment and don't waste time applying to the big number of companies that don't do visa sponsorship. Much more effective and quick way when they do it
Posted by Saurabh on 05/25/2012
its great to see so many success stories from customers who have used their services, thank you for posting your experiences. I thought if you dont try you cant win so I just registered and my fingers are crossed!!
Posted by Jim Sanders on 05/26/2012
I am not a member but I have done quite an extensive research and H1 Base definately looks like my best opportunity provider. What I would like to know if someone can tell me which service would be best for my situation. I am a Social Worker which I understand is not a top H1B sponsorship profession and may take longer to find than some other professions. Another personal consideration is that I only want to get a job in Seattle so I can be near my fiancee. I know this may place extra restrictions and make my search harder, but one of the reasons I want to come to America is so I can be with him. If anyone in my field can advise on what service they used, I thank you in advance for your help. B.
Posted by Beatrice on 05/31/2012
I'm relieved to say it worked and they did a good service for me. I dont know about social works I am a programmer
Posted by smita on 06/05/2012
Hi Beatrice, I think as a general rule - the more restrictions / limitations you have on your search, and the less demand job and less skills you have - the harder it is and longer it takes (everyones situation is different). I think social workers are a great job but it's not as high demand as some others like IT people or Engineers or Finance or maybe some other jobs like business or teachers or marketing people. I hope you have the best of luck with your situation
Posted by Ralph Gurman on 06/05/2012
I went through the H1B visa process for coming to work in US New York from India and I got my visa approved last month. One thing I can say to everyone who's considering it - the chances to work in US gives many rewards now and for all your career. If you want it you have to go and get it and not stop until you get it achieved. For the things that have the big rewards I think it needs the best help to achieve them. To get all the way through successfully and without any hassles for visa job and approval, get the best help you can and try to get as big advantages as you can
Posted by Vinod Kumar on 06/08/2012

I admit that I was skeptical joining a fee-based website to help in my U.S. job and visa sponsorship search, but I realized I needed to get a competitive advantage in this market, and of all the fee-based sites and services, it was clear that had the experience to really make the difference, and was focused on the type of positions and employers that provided H1B visas sponsorship. I will soon be starting my new job in the U.S. and I only have great things to say about all the help and support I received from the team at For people living abroad that want to move to the USA, I would say H1base is an extremely valuable resource to use, it provides many advantages and it works
Posted by Neal Scott on 06/19/2012
Hi everyone, thank you so much for the helpful information
Posted by Devesh on 06/21/2012
HI, I found that for the people like me that have a busy job already and don't have much time to spend learning and doing everything that's needed, I can tell you they have all the experience and people to get the reliable results and make it easier. If you don't want to do the hard work yourself and want some specialists to do it then I would recommend using them
Posted by Ray on 07/01.2012 

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