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 H1 Base Review - Accreditation, Feedback and Experience 
      H1 BASE  

H1 Base Incorporated
US Registered Corporation
            2000 - Present




            H1 Base Verification:   
               H1 Base Company Registration - Verified
               H1 Base operating since 2000 - Verified 
               H1B Industry Accreditations: Verified
               Data Privacy Protection: Verified
               Online Payment Security: Verified


H1 Base Business Category:
Immigration - Employment - Visa Sponsorship
Professional Services Company


H1 Base is a registered U.S. corporation that facilitates and organizes for professionally skilled and degree educated people around the world - to emigrate to the USA through the H1B visa work program, and, assists US companies recruit for their available H1B visa sponsorship employment positions.

H1 Base has business divisions that provides support and services to: Individuals (International professionals and students), US employers and sponsor companies, US University Career Centers, and US immigration law firms.

H1 Base is also the company that has the solid recommendations and references from the industry and media including: CNN World Business Expert Corner, Monster Career Advice, Emigrate USA, MPI, TCM and many more.

People around the world that want to emigrate to the USA normally need at least 5 crucial things: US immigration and visa sponsorship knowledge (the laws, processes, regulations and procedures are complicated and continually change), an outstanding US style Resume with sponsorship enhanced optimization, networked referrals and connections with US sponsoring companies, great interview skills, and a positive and determined approach to achieving their goal.   
The H1B program is available to people from all over the world, and everyone has their own personal reasons and different values for a new career and life in the USA. There are naturally many variable factors and challenges for everyone, and the key is making sure you take the right path to ensure you get the very best opportunity.

H1Base is considered by many in the industry as the 'specialist H1B visa portal and solutions company' for people who want to set out on the right path, take advantage of best-practice visa sponsorship strategies and methods, who want a proven and reliable turn-key solution, and save months of searching and experimenting - and to gain a good opportunity to live and work in the USA. 

Obtaining H1B visa sponsorship employment, navigating the often confusing US immigration maze, and getting issued a US work visa, naturally involves a few challenges and obstacles to overcome along the way (especially for those trying to emigrate and accomplish the task from different Countries and Continents around the World). The USA offers great career advancement opportunities, plus a good lifestyle for you and your family, so making 100% sure you do everything correctly, and in line with best practice methods, and legal immigration regulations is imperitive to your final success and ending up with a work visa in your hand. 

In the challenging, competitive and niche H1B Visa Employment-Sponsorship market, finding and selecting a good company that specializes in the H1B visa industry can help to provide you with all the advantages and important benefits throughout the H1B visa sponsorship and emigration process.  

In today's market conditions, the reality is it's extremely difficult to try and compete with US workers by only using traditional (basic) US job search sites, or to try and overcome all the overseas related emigration challenges and try to accomplish every important US visa sponsorship stage alone. 
This is definitely a year to leverage and take advantage of H1B visa sponsorship employment industry expertise.

An advantage is that H1 Base has specialized in the H1B visa industry for over 14 years so they have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help and assist Foreign nationals from around the world with every aspect of obtaining visa sponsorship and emigrating to the USA.

H1 Base Reviews, Comments and Experiences:

Have You Been an H1 Base Customer? - Share your experience Here

H1 Base Services and Business Divisions

1. H1 Base Services Provided to Individuals:
Premium USA Visa Sponsorship Employment Solutions
Resume - CV to Resume Conversion / Resume Preparation / Formatting / Review / Sponsorship Optimization / Writing 
H1B Job Search -
H1B Job Targeting / Filtering / Matching / Advanced Search and Application Techniques
H1B Sponsor Search - H1B Employer Targeting / Matching / Referral / Recommendation / Sponsor Relationships
H1B Sponsorship Placement - Full service / Personalized Consulting / Placement
Interview - Preparation / Practice / Professional Coaching
Visa Sponsorship - Support / Strategies / Consultation / Personalized Coaching

2. H1 Base Provides services to U.S. Employers and Sponsor Companies: 
Sponsorship Recruitment - Sponsor Registration / Resume Search / Job Listing / Candidate Matching / Placement
Visa Filing - DIY Visa Filing Kits / Visa Attorney Partner Resources

Visa Sponsorship - Support / Strategies / Consultation

3. H1 Base Services Provided to U.S. University/ College Career Centers
International Student Services -
H1B Sponsor Databases / H1B Job Search / Packaged Solutions
Visa Sponsorship - Support / Strategies / Consultation
U.S. Universities that Have Purchased and Use H1Base Services

4. H1 Base Research and Data Management Division
Visa Sponsor Company Research
Visa Sponsor Company Registration Networks
Visa Sponsorship Industry and Market Statistics, Trends and Projections

H1 Base Incorporated Company Review, Verification and Accreditations:

1) H1 Base Incorporated Company was established in October 2000 - Verified.

2) H1 Base is a Registered U.S. Corporation - Verified.

3) H1 Base Incorpoaretd Office are located in St Petersburg, Florida - Verified.  

4) H1 Base has been an approved member of many industry related organizations like NACE, AEA and NAFSA

5) H1 Base has been referenced by some of the most trusted Companies like: CNN World Business, Migration Policy Institute, USA Job Bank, Monster, Emigrate USA, the University of Dallas.

Latest Official News We've Uncovered About H1 Base (
H1Base Reviews and Statistics Reports (free reports)
Includes a number of reviews and reports from their Research and Statistical Analysis Deprtament:
Reviews of Apple, Google, Facebook and many more US Companies H1B Jobs and H1B visa sponsorship filing reports
Projections and Reviews of the H1B visa program, US work visa options, Green card lottery system, and many more

H1 Base Reviews and Experience Overview: provides a wealth of information, resources and professional services in the field of USA Immigration and Work Visa Jobs / H1B Sponsorship Solutions - the most established, proven, reliable services that have helped thousands emigrate to America. 

Learn more about reviews and feedback comments posted on the internet about companies like H1Base

Read H1Base reviews experience or write your own feedback about 
Please only review H1Base if you have real experience using H1Base services

View H1Base experience , feedback and reviews from their own customers
Includes reviews and feedback from H1Base customers experience  

Is H1Base the right company to personally help you? That depends on your personal objectives and goals, and your desire to achieve the required results. They have the required experience and services, and there's no doubt that H1Base is probably the most recognized and longest established H1B visa specialist company in the USA. They assist thousands of people every year.  

When you consider the scope, the challenges and the magnitude of everything involved in immigration, employment, visa sponsorship and visa filing process and regulations to emigrate to the USA, coupled with the personal requirements, differences, preferences, skills level, education level, timeframes, cultures, languages of helping people from every corner of the world - no company will or ever can be 100% perfect 100% of the time in this extremely challenging business and industry. However companies like H1 Base provide a much higher level of opportunity, increase your chances, save you a lot of time and make it easy for you, and speed up the whole visa sponsorship search process.

Putting Online Reviews and Experiences it into Real Perspective:
Naturally a company that has been in business for many years, operates in one of the hardest, most complex and most challenging industries will gain a few unhappy customers and foes along the way (no company can help 100% of their customers, to 100% of their customers satisfaction, 100% of the time). However, leading companies in their market sector also help thousands of happy customers each year.

General online 'reviews' can be made by absolutely anyone (even a monkey that can type can make a review). Reviews are often fleeting opinions or thoughts, whereas 'experiences' are generally from real customers. However, with the open and anonymous social nature of the internet it is not often possible to verify who made the reviews and claims, or why.


read H1Base reviews and recommendations from industry leading corporations
hundreds of Universities recommend and refer H1Base to their International students
recent reviews and success stories from thousands of customers from over 130 Countries


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