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 H1B Sponsors 2011 ~ Lists and Databases of H1B Sponsoring Companies - Why Most Do Not Work 

We've seen a new craze of websites and blogs promoting (and some selling) H1B Sponsors Lists and H1B Employer Databases

If you're considering trying to do your own H1B sponsor and employer search using a database list... keep reading below

1. We'll reveal how
effective these H1B sponsor database lists really are, or, if they are just wasting your time (and money)

2. We'll expose what most sites won't and don't want to tell you about H1B Sponsoring Companies Lists and Databases

3. And we'll inform you who the original source is for over 99% of historical H1B Employer and Sponsor lists on the market today

Topics covered on this page:

Do H1B Sponsoring Companies Databases Really Work and Can They Help You Get an H1B Visa in 2011 ?

1. Typically No - if it's a basic database list like most freely available which only contain "historical data".

2. Potentially Yes - if it's "real-time" (current) data of companies that actually register themselves on a site to sponsor now or in the near future

3. Yes - if it's a "proprietary" database list - from an employment based agency or placement type company that has established relationships with H1B sponsoring companies, and/or publishes that data in their own proprietary database lists (or even better if they apply to their own network of sponsor companies for you - that saves you a Lot of time and effort, fast-tracks the process, and Greatly increases your chances).

Unfortunately, Historical data is what a large majority of these H1B sponsor lists contain (with a few exceptions). The problem with historical data is that it goes out-of-date, quickly, and, there have also been new H1B program laws and rules that have stopped many previous sponsor companies being able (or allowed) to sponsor this year or next year (this is just one reason why professional assistance is recommended: because they know the market and who can and can not sponsor).

The problem with data that's old and 'out-of-date' is that everything in the world is changing faster and faster (including the companies that sponsor for H1B visas).

A few US companies do regularly sponsor for H1B visas each year, However, many companies sponsor 1 year but not the next, new companies emerge and start sponsoring that have never sponsored before, new H1B sponsor rules can be introduced by the USCIS (like in 2010) that prohibit certain types of companies from being allowed to sponsor and/or place more restrictive practices on them sponsoring, the economy changes, the employment market changes which may place more political pressure on some regular sponsors continuing to sponsor, and the different scenarios go on and on.

Note: historical data is useful and beneficial for 'researchers' who may be compiling an H1B statistical report. However, there is no great benefit to 'H1B job seekers' who are trying to obtain H1B sponsorship jobs and employment Now (and it can waste a lot of valuable time and effort experimenting).

Basic Databases: Where do websites get their H1B sponsor lists from - what's the "original source" for historical data?

For Historical data lists of H1B sponsor companies - there is only one primary and official source - the US Government 

The US Government is the ONLY resource that processes and issues visas. Therefore they are the only source that knows and can collate ALL the data from visa filing records, and details about companies that sponsor to file H1B visas (this is the same 'historical data' that is contained within most of the H1B lists you see on most websites) 

How old is the data contained in most historical H1B sponsor lists ?

The biggest problem with most H1B sponsor lists found on numerous websites is that they can be 1-2 years out of date (and a lot has changed in that time)

The main reason they are so out-dated is simple - the source of the data comes from the US Government who collates and processes billions / trillions of data records every year.

By the time their Fiscal year is finished, only then can they start even collating and processing all the various records, it naturally takes them a long time before it's completed - and even longer before they are ready to release the final data results to the general public.   

Be Careful:
many websites who promote and sell 'historical' H1B sponsor lists or databases often try to market their lists in various ways because they want you to use them / pay for them (because one way or another they take and/or make money from you).

Many use clever sales and marketing tactics to make it sound and look like they are current lists - BUT the fact is, as explained above, almost every historical database list come from the same place (the US Government), and therefore they are not, and can not be up to date lists

Be prepared for a LOT of hard work if you choose to try it yourself using basic H1B sponsor lists and databases:

- it's old data (which is not a lot of use)

- most do not include contact details for the current contact person, email or telephone

- you still have to do All the hard work and time consuming research to find out if they still sponsor now

- you then still have to do All the hard work and time consuming research to find out the contact person

- you then still have to do All the hard work and time consuming applications to jobs and contacts

- you can easily spend hours every day researching, cross referencing, contacting, and applying

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