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 Scams versus False Rumours and General Opinions 
Scam or Real ?     Who's Posting Reviews and Opinions?     and What's Their Real Motive and Reason ?

You've probably noticed that the internet is swarming with reviews, opinions, and thoughts on just about every company, service, product (and everything else we can imagine)

In this report, we will address the increasing "business" of negatively biased review sites. The number of sites that are designed to attract and encourage only negative reviews/comments has increased by over 500% in recent years. These are not open platforms for both negative and positive reviews, they're created specifically for people to post stories about "scams", "frauds" - whether they or true or false, or just personal thoughts. 

Why? because that's what people are increasingly searching for on the internet, and reviews can be used to deliberately twist and negatively influence our decision making process by creating a negative perception of a company, product or service. This is one of the main reasons that these type of negative review sites are being frequented and used as a new form of online defamation marketing by business rivals to post fake reviews about their competitors.
The question is, who's really posting comments on these sites?
- is it a customer with a legitimate complaint
- is it a customer on a personal vendetta
- is it an internet troll or blogger
- is it an unethical Dark Public Relations Campaign (DPR)
- is it a black hat marketer getting paid to post  
- is it deliberate libel and defamation attacks

- is it a business rival or competitor company
- is it an ex-employ with a grudge of being fired
- is it an anti-immigrant
The problem is - it's become almost impossible to tell who's behind the 'online username', and what their 'real' motive and reason is for posting. There's no verification and verifiable way of knowing. Unfortunately this enables business rivals to use this to their advantage if they're posting a smear campaign to deliberately create a negative perception of a competitor company, product or service.


Smear Campaigns - Dirty Tricks - Deliberate Libel and Defamation on Companies is a reality - and it's on the rise!

Many legitimate and reputable companies (and people) are being wrongly and falsely victimized through the internets ever growing 'rumour mill'..... and unfortunately the trend is growing and getting easier to do. 

With the growth and popularity of "Unregulated" Review and Blog Sites... don't believe everything you read out there !
Nowadays, anybody can easily post 'anything' about 'anyone' on unregulated review, forum, personal blog or a multitude of other different web based platforms... whether it's a just a spur of the moment thought, unsubstantiated opinion, general comment or made with a deliberate intention to start a vicious rumour.

With standard Review Sites nobody knows who is really posting the comments, or what their real identity is, or what there real motive is! 

When the going gets tough... there's even some unscrupulous businesses mingling into review sites and forums, hiding behing false identitities - and indirectly (sometimes directly) trashing their competitors. There's also a breed of internet review site junkies, plus anyone who can use a computer can literally say anything about anyone.... and do it all very easily and anonymously - which makes it impossible to tell who and what is real, the truth, an intentional lie, a rumour or a competitor-trashing campaign.  

Don't let false reviews or competitor trashing ruin your best opportunity !
unfortunately, it seems to be happening in the popular yet sometimes controversial field of H1B immigration where there are some 'anti-immigration protestors' and 'anti-H1B organizations' out there - who quite simply don't appreciate the many benefits and valuable contributions that immigrants make to the USA economy, and, the great value and importance of many companies that are dedicated to helping Foreign nationals obtain H1B visas and other types of work visas. 

Spam-trashing - competitor trashing, and Scam-trashing are unfortunately all on the rise --- innocent and reputable companies are being harmed and many are suffering because of this unethical and immoral practice.

Don't let innocent and reputable companies that are trying to help you suffer because of it - and don't let it ruin your chances and your future of emigrating to the USA.

** it's important to put things into real perspective - consider the number of individual or actual claims against a company - for example if a company provides services to thousands of people a year, but there are only a few bad reviews - then the relative and actual ratio of unhappy customers is very low and the ratio of Happy customers is High.

** It's also important to consider if many reviews on different sites are all made by the same person.  It's also well known that one unhappy customer will typically be louder and post more than a happy one would.

One clear clear example of the above message is exemplified when we recently found over 19 reviews and opinions spread around different review sites and blogs - that were all made by the same 1 person - and were all attacking a company called H1Base (who is a renowned leader and advocate in the H1B industry) - and the person that made all 19 review comments was tracked and turned out to be one of H1Base competitors.  

This is just a single example of what is happening out there on the internet (every minute of every day) across every industry, every part of the world,  and is now also happening against individual people - and why regulation has to be passed to address this snowballing situation that is getting worse and wrongly affecting many innocent people lives. 


To read another of the hundreds of independent Reports we found on this topic - click here


How to Protect Yourself and Tips to identify legitimate Companies:

As we all know, no company is (or probably ever will be) 100% perfect, or can 100% help 100% of their customers 100% of the time (that is especially true in the Immigration and Visa sponsorship marketplace - because of all the many different factors and challenges involved). 

However, there are a few simple tips and ways to help identify the legitimate and best companies that offer a realistic opportunity, versus those that are outright scams:

1) How long have they been in business

2) How is their customer based comprised - do they just provide services to individuals, or, do they also provide services to other businesses (it's not easy to scam other businesses and corporations)

3) Do they have a physical company office address displayed on their website (if they do not they could easily be working from home)

4) Do they provide a Toll Free (or any) telephone number on their website. If they do not what are they hiding and why don't they want easy lines of communication with their customers!

5) Do they have recommendations or references from other well-known and established businesses, companies or even the media.  Before large corporations, media etc give references to other companies they have almost certainly done an extra level of due-diligence, and with thousands of possible companies to reference they typically only do it for the ones they consider the be the best or most established or most reputable and knowledgable in their field of expertise.

6) Do they openly provide testimonials on their website from customers who have used their services.

7) How professional does their website look? Does it look like they invest their money in updating it and expanding their operations etc? It's not always easy but you can generally get a good feeling of comfort from a professionally looking and run site that there is a professional company behind it.

8) If they accept online payments are they PCI compliant, or do they display levels of trust and participation in well-known service providers (Truste, Verisign, Comodo, Controlscan etc). Well known service providers in the payment security or Privacy sector etc do very high levels of deep business and operations verifications (they don't want to be associated or embarrassed in any way by working with scam companies)

Use common sense - the internet is a wide open platform - if a company has been in business for a quite a few years they must be doing something right (look for companies that have been around for 5+ years for added safety).

If they have high level testimonials, references, recommendations from well-known, established and commonly trusted sources - they must be doing something right.

(these key points listed above are much more important than annonymous identity posts or reviews on open and uncontrolled and unregulated blogs, review sites, forums, social sites where the number of false and misleading claims can be made by anyone, for a very wide variety of reasons). 


To read another of the hundreds of independent Reports we found on this topic -
click here


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