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 H1B Job Search and Sponsorship Hunting Myths  
 The 10 Most Common H1B Job Search Myths:

Myth: All job openings are advertised on job boards and classifieds. Actually, the most recent research and reports now state that most H1B jobs are now being filled by employers before they need to advertise them. Some reports even claim that less than 20% of H1B jobs ever get to the advertising stage anymore.
With less than 20 percent of H1B jobs being openly advertised on general job search sites, and huge numbers of people all applying for those few H1B jobs - that makes for a lot of very tough competition. So how do you find the 80% of H1B job openings? Through networking or by using professional assistance search companies


Myth: The more resumes I mail out the more likely I am to get a H1B job. It's true, you have to have a great resume, but sending a resume out en masse to any and every H1B job posting, or any company is not the most effective or efficient way to obtain H1B sponsorship. It is far more successful plan, prepare and target the right hiring managers (the ones responsible for H1B recruitment) in the right companies (H1B sponsoring companies), and the right H1B jobs (the H1B jobs that qualify to get issued an H1B visa), than to just blindly apply to every job and company out there.

Myth: The best-qualified people always get the H1B jobs. Employers want to hire people capable of doing the job, of course, but they also want people who fit into their company's environment. If they only hired on the basis of education, skills, and experience, they would not need to interview candidates at all. All that information would show up on the resume. But employers hire based on personality and gut feelings, too. So even if you don't have all the skills an employer is asking for, apply anyway. You just might have the right attitude and the personality they are looking for!

Myth: No experience, no H1B job. First-time H1B job hunters often feel as if they are caught between a rock and a hard place when employers ask, "Do you have any experience?" The truth is, you probably have more skills and experience than you realize. Make a list of all your extracurricular activities and some of your achievements, and you will see that you already have good communications skills, are a team player, or work well without supervision. What other skills do you have?

Myth: No one is hiring. There are ALWAYS H1B jobs. The fact is, people get tired of their H1B jobs, they move away, they get promoted, and they retire. In the world of work, things are changing constantly. For every person who quits, moves, or gets promoted, a new job has just become available. One research survey showed that even during the hardest of times, there will be over a million job vacancies at any given moment. We're not commenting on that, but, for many possible reasons - there are always H1B jobs available (the challenge is finding them and securing a sponsorship employment offer before other job seekers do).

Myth: Networking is the only way to get a H1B job. Networking and Connections is a very important part of any H1B job search; the more people who know you are looking, the better your chances. However, it's not the only way to get a H1B job. An effective H1B job search requires a combination of strategies and techniques, and it requires a lot of dedicated time and effort to do it successfully.

Myth: If you've been fired, you're finished. Getting fired is so disheartening. You feel hurt, humiliated, and angry. Chin up! The stigma of losing a H1B job, which used to frighten off employers, is virtually gone. People lose their H1B jobs today for all sorts of reasons; employers will judge you on your attitude today, not on the fact that you've lost a H1B job in the past. If, however, you are bitter about being fired, your anger will come across in an interview, so lighten up! It happens to lots of people.

Myth: Keep your resume to 1-2 pages. No employer is so rigid that he or she will toss out your resume because it is more than a page long. What's more important is that your resume is interesting to and eye-catching to read. Of course, three pages is stretching it. Your resume is designed to pique the reader's interest, not bore him or her to death with painful details of your entire work history and personal hobbies.

Myth: You need to be in the USA to obtain an H1B sponsorship H1B job. NOT true. The H1B visa program is designed for and open to people from all over the world. If you are already in the USA, then sure you might eliminate some of the logistical and other obstacles - but H1B sponsor companies main priority and objective is to use the H1B visa program to hire the best talent and the best person for the H1B job, from wherever they are located.

Myth: H1B job hunting is hard, frustrating, boring, and no fun at all. For many it is, But if you use effective H1B job-search services and techniques, you won't be stressed at all - you will be excited. If you think looking for work is a hassle, that will show in your efforts and your attitude, and this myth will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Avoid this by visualizing yourself in the H1B job of your dreams and giving yourself a pep talk whenever you feel discouraged.

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