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 H1 Base Reviews and Customer Experiences 

H1 Base Reviews and Real Experiences from Customers

Are you searching for online reviews, experiences and comments about H1 Base (h1base.com) ?

It's wise to be careful on the internet and to make smart decisions about your future.

If you want to read first hand H1 Base experiences and reviews from real customers - Continue Here

Read our industry evaluation and professional synopsis about H1 Base Corporation

If you search for reviews and experiences on just about any leading company in their field, you will undoubtedly find many mixed opinions, experiences, and both positive and negative reviews (it's the nature of people on the open web).

Genuine experiences and reviews are helpful, but unfortunately many posts on the web are hard to really know if they are from customers / users, or if they have been deliberately posted by a competitor, an employee that may have been fired, or maybe even an anti immigrant - who would all want to try and put you off (It's easy to hide behind a fake username on the web). 

Unfortunately this opens the floodgates and leads to many false and exagerated thoughts' and generalized comments being posted which can in turn be misleading, confusing, and can have a detrimental and negative effect on the decision making process of the reader.

There is a very important difference between "opinions" from people looking in from the outside - who have not used and do not have first hand experience - compared to those that have actually used and have a real experience to share 

Trust your instincts about who has the best services/products, knowledge and expertise to help you personally.    

A few considerations to weigh up:

how long has the business been established and operating

do they provide qualified knowledge and expertise in the area of help you are seeking

have they helped a large number of people compared to the small negative reviews you might find

if you do see any negative posts, how long ago were they posted (are they years old or are they recent) 

do they work in a challenging field that has many variables, or is what they do easy and straight forward  

Some of the best reviews that you can trust to be 'real' and 'true', are industry reviews from well known / household name companies and organizations. H1 Base has more of these than any other Company in their field. 


, has recommended H1Base

"The H1B Visa. Everywhere you want to be working. Monster Career Advice Article" - referral to H1Base


, the leading news company, has recommended H1Base

"A good Web site to go to for details is H1Base.com   , which makes the information on the US Government's Web site more accessible."


, the newsletter for overseas workers, has recommended H1Base

" H1Base has helped thousands of people from all over the world"

Immigrant.com has recommended H1Base

"H1Base is the world's favourite site for traveling to and working in America."


has recommended H1Base

"JobBank has partnered with H1Base , the best and most trusted name in immigration and visa services"

Fox Business News Channel recently selected and inteviewed H1Base about the H1B visa program and this years current H1B employment and filing trends
H1Base has been interviewed and featured in hundreds of magazines about US Work Visa Programs, Relocating to the USA, and USA Recruitment
H1Base has been interviewed about the H1B Visa Program by MarketPlace Business Radio Station
H1Base has even been published in a book "Computers Are Your Future"; author Bill Daley

H1Base is the Worlds favourite site for travelling to and working in America

H1Base is the most trusted name and undisputed leader in the H1B visa industry

Assistance for people who want to immigrate to the USA. H1Base is the leading online H1B Visa Information and Services Company 

H1Base is the Worlds favourite site for travelling to and working in America

H1Base has been recognized as an industry leader. Information, resources and services are used by individuals from over 100 Countries

For H1B employment visa information, refer to H1Base

H1Base has been referenced and referred to by the Migration Policy Institute

Employment for International Students. H1B Visa Job Search Service from H1Base

The job search is often long and complicated for foreign students. H1Base  has solutions for Internationals seeking H1B Visa Jobs and Sponsorship in the USA

H1Base is dedicated to helping Foreign Nationals find H1B Visa Jobs and Sponsorship in the USA

H1Base is the Top ranked H1B visa site and ranked sixty three out of every Immigration related site in the World

H1Base has been referenced and referred to by the Transatlantic Council on Migration

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