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 5 Quick Tips To Get An H1B Employers Attention While H1B Job Searching 
How To Get Considered for H1B Jobs by H1B Employers

Today, things are very different in the H1B employment and visa sponsorship world

With the craze of the internet - the number of online job board services has almost saturated the market, But... someone forgot to factor in the key ingredients for todays job market; H1B Targeting, Networking and Relationship Management.

Job seekers who use general online US job boards are now becoming 'non-believers' about their chances of finding H1B sponsorship. However, thousands of people who plan and conduct a highly focused, targeted and proactive H1B search succeed every year.

So how do you turn your frustrating efforts into a 'successful' H1B job hunt? 

TARGET YOUR SEARCH & BE are not just looking for a job, you need an H1B sponsorship available job, with a company who will Sponsor and apply for your H1B Visa.

1) Plan, Prepare and Research to clearly set out our goals and timelines. Consider your career objectives and focus on your skills and assets to create your plan of action. 

2) You need to stand out from the crowd and NOT just be another resume or 'number'. Your Resume (CV) is the first thing a potential employer has to impress them and make them want to interview you above the competition.

3) Don't wait for jobs to be advertised on the open market - advertised jobs have the highest levels of competition to get them (and most reports show that 80% of H1B jobs are filled before they need to be advertised - it's a niche market)

4) Target & Network - proactively find and apply to the companies that are currently sponsoring for H1B visas (these are the only ones that can get you the real result you need - issued an H1B)

5) In the H1B job and sponsorship search market you have to work smarter and swifter....You need to focus on career marketing 'outside the box' and proactively target and connect with the managers in the companies who sponsor H1B Visas. After all, these are the best ones to help you... this is Your path to Success!

SO, where and how do you start to get Reliable Results ?
You can start right now... by using the most reliable & proven solutions to match and connect with the Companies who sponsor and employ MORE Foreign National Job seekers than any other Companies in the USA -
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